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20 April 2016
L’AFG, l’AF2I et l’AFTE mettent en place un modèle unique de formulaire KYC (« Know Your Customer ») à l’usage des investisseurs institutionnels et des corporates
  • Consultez le communiqué de presse du 20 avril 2016
  • Dans le cadre des échanges d’informations obligatoires entre investisseurs professionnels et sociétés de gestion, et afin de faciliter la fluidité des éventuelles mises à jour, l’AFG, l’AF2i et l’AFTE ont établi un modèle unique de formulaire KYC Know Your Customer ») à l’usage des investisseurs institutionnels et des corporates répondant aux obligations réglementaires standard.
12 April 2016
Corporate governance: AGM voting results
23 March 2016
Fundraising by innovation funds and local investment funds launched in 2015
  • AFG and AFIC published on 23 March 2016 the findings of their annual survey on the amount of capital raised in 2015 by innovation funds (FCPIs) and local investment funds (FIPs) to finance innovative firms and regional small and midsized companies.
  • FCPIs and FIPs are vital conduits for funding innovative firms and local businesses, raising €861million in 2015.
21 March 2016
Employee savings at end December 2015
  • The French Asset Management Association (AFG) has published its yearly survey of employee savings schemes for 2015.
  • Assets under management in employee savings schemes top €117.5 billion, up 7% y/y. Assets rose 7% compared with 31 December 2014 owing to a favourable market effect in 2015.
  • More than 10.5 million account holders, working at 300,000 companies, now participate.
17 February 2016
Total assets under management in discretionary mandates and investment funds in France: In 2015, a return to positive inflows
  • In 2015, French investment funds resumed attracting global positive net inflows worth +36.1 bn EUR, compared to net outflows worth -21.4 bn EUR in 2014. These inflows concentrated in balanced funds (+16 bn EUR) and money market funds (+23 bn EUR). Net subscriptions in equity funds amounted to +3 bn EUR.
  • Global assets under management in France (discretionary mandates and investment funds) continued rising in 2015 (+170 bn EUR i.e. +5%), reaching approximately 3,600 bn EUR. From their low point in 2008, the annualised growth rate hit 5.3%.
  • Assets under management in French domiciled funds grew by +5.2% and reached close to 1,700 bn EUR (920 bn EUR in AIFs and 763 bn EUR in UCITS), while discretionary mandates of French and foreign clients (including foreign funds managed in France) increased by +4.7%, thus exceeding 1,900 bn EUR.
  • At European level, assets under management in funds amounted to 12,640 bn EUR at the end of 2015, growing by +11.9% over the year. French asset management companies, drawing in particular on an increasingly globalised client base, benefited from this dynamism.
  • Regarding asset management (investment funds and discretionary mandates), French asset management companies ranked second in Europe with a 20% market share. Regarding fund domiciliation, France ranked second in Europe for AIFs (21% market share) and fourth for UCITS (9%).
  • Low remunerations on savings accounts and contracts, stemming from an allocation concentrating on fixed income products, weighed heavily on the valuation of the financial assets of French households, whose allocation, largely influenced by taxation, mainly favoured real estate and liquid and guaranteed financial products. New incentives and/or long term savings measures should be put in place, so that the accumulation of individual assets can meet future needs arising from retirement and dependency and contribute more efficiently, together with institutional investment, to the financing of the economy.
05 February 2016
FROG: the AMF and AFG are launching a working group to increase French funds’ international competitiveness
  • The Autorité des Marchés Financiers and the French Asset Management Association (AFG) are launching FROG, a working group chaired by Didier Le Menestrel that is intended to raise the profile and broaden the distribution of French investment funds abroad. FROG will unveil its recommendations for infrastructure, legal structure, technological developments and more next summer.

18 January 2016
AFG sets up the Financial Management Agoras, to promote exchanges between academic researchers and professionnals
06 January 2016
Le 9 mars prochain le PRAM, la formation certifiante de la gestion pour compte de tiers démarre sa quinzième édition
  • La session 2016 du PRAM (Programme Asset Management), cursus complet sur la gestion pour compte de tiers, débute le 9 mars prochain. L’ensemble des modules ont été revus afin d’y intégrer les toutes dernières innovations techniques, réglementaires et financières.
  • C’est dans ce cadre qu’AFG Formation a décidé d’intégrer un certificat LCB-FT obligatoire pour les participants à la version diplôme. La prévention du blanchiment de capitaux et du financement du terrorisme constitue un enjeu majeur  pour les acteurs de la gestion d’actifs et AFG Formation propose depuis sa création des formations dédiées. 


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