Pierric Bonnard, Executive Director, Business France

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Pierric Bonnard serves as an Executive Director at Business France, overseeing European and Western Balkans affairs.

Prior to this role, he spent two years developing the agency’s digital marketing strategy as the Chief Marketing Officer. From 2009 to 2021 he successively served as Business France Director & French Embassy Trade Commissioner to the UK, USA and Russia. He has a strong background in international trade and investment, as well as in public and diplomatic affairs. While in London, Moscow and Chicago, he was charged with maintaining a high level of both Inward FDI and French exports in the challenging contexts of Brexit, Russian sanctions and American financial crisis. Prior to his posting abroad he was responsible for broadening worldwide the promotion of French IT know-how as well as creative contents such as music, video games and cinema production. In the 90’s as a Special Envoy for technical cooperation, he brought together French experts and international policy-makers to facilitate French companies involvement in transportation infrastructure projects worldwide.

Known as an innovator and a problem-solver, graduated as an engineer, Pierric Bonnard also served as a Teacher in Paris, a Scientific Attaché in Helsinki, a PR agency Director in London.