Review of the AIFMD – the Way Forward

Review of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) – the Way Forward, virtual conference, organised by the European Commission on 25 November 2020.

The European Commission is reviewing the effectiveness of the AIFMD and considering a range of targeted amendments to improve the functioning of the legal framework. Based on the outcome of the review, the Commission may bring forward an amending proposal for consideration by the EU co-legislators.
The Commission has completed the first stage of the process by carrying out an assessment of
the extent to which the objectives pursued by the AIFMD have been achieved. On 10 June 2020 a report was presented to the European Parliament and Council that concluded that the AIFMD has been largely effective. The AIFMD has played an important role in creating an internal market for AIFs and reinforcing the regulatory and supervisory framework for AIFMs in the Union.
Nevertheless, the report identifies a number of areas that the effectiveness of the regulatory framework could be improved and more importantly, where regulatory gaps need to be addressed.
In October 2020, the Commission launched a public consultation to gather input from stakeholders including AIFMs, AIF distributors, industry representatives, investors, investor protection associations and financial markets authorities on potential changes to the AIFMD. It runs until 29 January 2021.
This event is an opportunity for interested parties to discuss the key issues and debate possible policy solutions. There will be three panels focusing on macro prudential, investor protection and competitiveness matters to facilitate the exchange of views among the panellists and contribute to the Commission’s work on this important file.

Please note: From 9.30 to 10.15, Participation of Adina Gurau Audibert, Head of asset management, AFG, at the Macro-prudential issues panel: What are the potential risks posed by AIFMs and their activities that macro prudential supervisors should monitor? Does the rise of private credit markets affect financial stability? Do supervisory authorities have the necessary data and macro-prudential tools to monitor and mitigate those risks?

This conférence will be held :

25 November 2020
from 9H00 to 12H30

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