From IBORs to Risk-Free-Rates: The Challenges for Asset Managers – video

  • EFAMA in association with the AFG has organised a workshop on the transition from IBORs to Risk-Free-Rates and the challenges for asset managers.
  •  This workshop was held in the context of:
    • the publication in early October of €STER, the Euro Short Term Rate, to replace EONIA;
    • the transition to a hybrid methodology for Euribor;
    • the transition from key IBORs such as LIBOR and USD-LIBOR to SONIA and SOFR respectively.
  •  The objective of the workshop was to:
    • discuss the impact for asset managers of the shift from IBORs and EONIA to Risk-Free Rates;
    • highlight best practices and regulatory initiatives that could help address the challenges resulting from these transitions.