Conference: EU asset management policy: time to get (geo)political?

A virtual conference with leading policymakers and senior industry executives


We are delighted to announce that Commissioner McGuinness will deliver a keynote speech to set out her priorities as she is starting her new mandate.

From Donald Trump’s rejection of ‘globalism [to] embrace the doctrine of patriotism’, through to Boris Johnson’s attempt at ‘break[ing] international law in a specific and limited way’, clouds loom over multilateralism and the policies that underpin it – in a political context shaped by Brexit and the aftermath of COVID-19.

  • As the world enters a new era, Ursula von der Leyen has put world politics on all Commissioners’ agendas by establishing a ‘Geopolitical Commission’ to achieve ‘A Stronger Europe in the World’.
  • How far has the EU gone into becoming truly ‘geopolitical’? What does ‘geopolitical’ mean for the future of EU capital market policies and regulations, especially in asset management ?

Who should attend?
– Policymakers, regulators and business executives interested in understanding the trends that will shape the EU asset management industry

Why attend?
– Join delegates from all over Europe and beyond to hear from senior figures about what asset managers should expect over the next years given the new EU and world political set-up

Practical information
• Monday, 7 December 2020
• 17.00-18.15 CET
• Presentations and Live Q&A
• Virtual Conference
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