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October 13th, 2016 at 2:00PM
Paris, Pavillon Vendôme

The French Asset Management Association will hold its first European Congress of Asset Management to strengthen the relationship of all asset management leaders and take an active role in a European and international debate.
Asset Management leaders and partners, European and international institutions of financial regulation, politicians, academics, key institutional and European investors will gather to share their vision regarding Asset Management.

Association Française de la Gestion financière (AFG)

The Association Française de la Gestion Financière (the French Asset Management Association - AFG) represents and promotes the interests of the French asset management industry, both for collective and for discretionary portfolio management.



News in brief

07.07.16 Des mesures pour améliorer l’attractivité de la place financière de Paris
In French only.


24.06.16 AML/CFT: New text

20.06.16 Fight against money laundering and terrorist financing : doctrine of the AMF on the asset management: update of guidelines on the obligation to report to TRACFIN

Press releases

20.04.16 AFG, AF2i and AFTE created a KYC information sheet template for the attention of institutional and corporate investors which complies with standard regulatory requirements.
12.04.16 Corporate governance: AGM voting results

23.03.16 Fundraising by innovation funds and local investment funds launched in 2015


AFG Activity report 2016


 "Gérer l'épargne, financer l'économie" is the AFG Activity report 2016, focusing on the importance of financing economic activity through well managed savings (in French only).

Annuaire de la Gestion Financière 2016
In French only.

  • Annuaire AFG 2016  L'Annuaire 2016 de la Gestion Financière est paru.

 Cet ouvrage, vendu au prix de 200€ HT (240€ TTC), est gratuit pour les adhérents de l'AFG.

  Commandez l'Annuaire 2016. Une version électronique de cet annuaire est également disponible dans la partie du site réservée aux adhérents.


« Stat OPC » , statistical information on French investment funds industry
  • Gestion Info 19On a monthly basis, the « Stat OPC »  fact sheet provides statistical information in English on French investment funds industry.

Did you know?

29.09.16 : Formation "Lutte contre le blanchiment - FT"
In French only.

29-30.09.16 : Patrimonia 2016
In French only.


6.10.16 : Forum Gestion d’Actifs
In French only.


13.10.16 : Assises Européennes de la Gestion
In French only.

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16-17.11.16 : EFAMA Investment Management Forum 2016
In French only.


13.10.16 : Agefi AMtech day 2016
In French only.