The Key Role of Asset Management Companies

Asset management companies play the leading role in the French market for managed investment, where they are known as sociétés de gestion de portefeuille – SGP, which means  “portfolio management companies”. They account for more than 95% of total assets under management, with other investment services providers (credit institutions, investment firms, etc.) accounting for the other 5%.

  • 630 Asset Management companies, including 450 entrepreneurial groups
    and 4 French Asset Managers in the Top 25 Global Ranking
  • 4,000 bn € in assets under management in France
    1,950 bn € in French funds
    and 2,050 bn € in dicretionary mandates & foreign funds managed in France
  • First rank in continental Europe in term of financial management (Funds and dicretionary mandates)
    Nearly 11,000 investment funds, including a 30% of general purpose UCITS and 70 % of AIFs
    1 ecosystem rich in jobs and skills : 85,000 jobs in the AM industry, including 26,000 jobs in Asset Management companies
  • 500 bn € managed for not resident customers

Asset management companies :

Asset management companies are responsible for the financial, administrative and accounting management of products under management in collective investment schemes and under discretionary mandates. They are authorised to do business by the French securities regulator, AMF, and they manage their assets independently and exclusively in the investor’s interest. They are required to be members of an industry association, such as the AFG.

MiFID II – Guide for Asset Management Companies :

This guide aims to help asset management companies implement the new measures introduced by MiFID II. It will be updated to take account of the additional texts of the directive. The AMF has covered all the key topics of the directive for asset management companies, including product governance, “independent” investment advice, fees or best execution. Know more.