• Asset Management Directory
  • AFG’s activity report
  • Cahiers de la gestion: The “cahiers de la gestion”, or ” books of asset management “,  publications that intend to present the studies of the various committees and departments of AFG.
  • Brochures: AFG publishes two page brochures presenting in English the association’s activities and the Paris-based fund and asset management industry.
  • Gestion Info Newsletter
  • Professional guides
  • Reference texts: This collection is organised to gather the set of texts developed by the AFG, which are recognized by the AMF and applicable in the whole profession.
  • Topic sheets
  • White Papers: On the initiative of its Strategic Committee, the AFG leads missions of reflection on the big stakes with which is confronted the asset management industry. The proposals of the profession stemming from these reflections are explained in our White papers.