Corporate governance : Increasing involvement of managing companies in AGM and intensified dialogue with issuers

  • Press release of 21 May 2019 (in French).
  • Results of the survey about the AGM voting results in 2018 (in French)
  • Voting at shareholder meetings is a way for asset managers and their institutional investor and retail clients to play a part in overseeing and improving corporate governance. This, in turn, helps to build shareholder value while protecting the managers’ portfolio investments. To exercise their rights in full, managers have to keep a close eye on the quality and the relevance of the information provided by issuers, and to monitor issuers’ behaviour in general. Shareholders’ ability to exert influence, and thus that of their representatives the management companies, increases when general meetings uphold the “one share, one vote” principle of shareholder equality. Defending this principle has been a major theme of AFG’s recommendations since 1997.