Liquidity risk management tools in open-ended funds – March 2020


Guide to developing a coal strategy for asset management companies – March 2020

  • In line with the collective commitment made by the financial industry on 2 July 2019 at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, AFG is encouraging asset management companies to adopt a “coal strategy”.
  • To assist them, this guide identifies best practices for reducing the exposure of investments to coal in order to contribute to the objective of the national carbon neutrality strategy: to stop financing the coal industry.
  • AFG recommends that asset management companies consider the maximum risk they are willing to take, i.e. assess the risks for the assets in the portfolio and define their overall strategy with respect to exposure to coal.

Report on security tokens – May 2019

  • The French Digital Asset Association (FD2A), the French Association of Financial Markets (AMAFI) and the French Asset Management Association (AFG) with the French Association for real estate investment companies (ASPIM) published a report today on “security tokens” or “financial tokens similar to financial instruments.”
  • This report summarizes the returns to a questionnaire that these associations have prepared and disseminated in partnership with Gide 255, PwC, ConsenSys and Woorton. Its ambition is to better measure the market’s appetite for this type of digital assets and to assess participants’ expectations on this theme.