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What is asset management?

Asset management refers to the professional management of collective investments, an activity that involves investing and managing capital.


Asset management can be carried out:

  • on a proprietary basis, when an institution or company seeks to earn a return on its own assets by allocating and managing its own portfolio
  • on behalf of third parties, when individual or institutional investors delegate the management of their savings or capital to a financial intermediary, generally an asset management company, which is compensated for this service.


Asset management takes two forms:
- portfolio management or individual management under a mandate from an individual, company or institutional investor
- collective management through a collective investment scheme such as a mutual fund or a unit trust. Investors acquire shares or units in a portfolio, often for a small outlay, thus gaining access to sophisticated management techniques, risk sharing and other advantages.




The AFG is the professional organisation that represents the French asset management industry.


The asset management industry

Allows individual ("retail") and institutional investors to diversify risks through professional expertise, to access the market with economies of scale, and to benefit from investment techniques that would be unavailable to most of them on their own.

The originality and strength of the French asset management industry lies in its diversified and secure range of products, specialised firms, and regulations that are suited to the specific characteristics of this business.


The industry is governed by a set of strict laws and regulations , stemming from domestic and European sources. These measures evolve periodically as the industry changes. French regulations stipulate that all asset management companies are subject to the supervision of the market regulator, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), and that companies incorporated in other countries must be authorised by their home-country regulator to do business in France.


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