EFAMA Investment Management Forum 2017

  • EFAMA is holding its annual Investment Management Forum on 15 and 16 November 2017 in Brussels.
  • This year’s Investment Management Forum will explore the implications that Brexit is likely to have on asset managers and their investors. Since our last IMF, Article 50 has been triggered, taking a step further into the unknown political negotiation.
  • Beyond the horizon of Brexit, much of daily agendas continue to be dedicated to the EU but also to the global regulatory debates that govern and drive the business model of asset managers. As ever, the EFAMA IMF will be the occasion to reunite industry, policymakers and regulators to continue the open dialogue from a European and global perspective. Distinguished speakers will contribute to thoughtful debates and help us navigate through all these matters.
  • Whatever the shape and pace of political events, our industry continues to support and contribute to the CMU project, to the PEPP project, to planned next steps to make the fund industry thrive, to sustainable finance and FinTech. These are some of the topics we will be discussing at the Investment Management Forum.
  • The Forum will also focus on the global matters, in particular those driven by the FSB and IOSCO work on financial stability and the potential vulnerabilities of asset management firms, as well as trends and developments in other parts of the world. Panellists will discuss whether we should expect new turns in regulatory dialogues, and if so, in which direction.

This conference will be hold :

15 et 16 November 2017
Square Brussels Meeting Centre

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