Consultation ESMA sur les projets de normes techniques MiFID II – 31 août 2015

  • Consultation Paper on Draft implementing technical standards under MiFID II – ESMA 2015/1301
  • Consultation ouverte jusqu’au 31 octobre 2015.
  • This document will be of interest to all stakeholders involved in the securities markets. It is primarily of interest to competent authorities and firms that are subject to MiFID II and MiFIR – in particular, investment firms and credit institutions performing investment services and activities but it is also important for trade associations and industry bodies, institutional and retail investors and their advisers, and consumer groups, as well as any market participant engaged in the dealing with or processing of financial instruments.

(ESMA, format Acrobat, 31 août 2015, 52p.).

Réponse de l’AFG à la consultation de l’ESMA « Draft guidelines for the assessment of knowledge and competence » – 10 juillet 2015

Réponse de l’AFG à la consultation de l’ESMA sur le projet de recommandations sur les instruments de dettes complexes et les dépôts structurés – 12 juin 2015

(AFG, format Acrobat, 12 juin 2015, 6p.).